Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What Do They Love About Lindenwood?

One of the best things about Lindenwood is living on campus, specially in the dorms. The rooms are like cozy nests where students can feel safe and comfortable.
When analyzing the pros and cons of changing to a house, students might not persist on the idea for the following reasons: it might be difficult to walk when winter approaches, in addition to the cold wind hacking and drying faces,lips, also freezing muscles, ears and hands.

It is convenient for them to return to their room every time they are done with classes or need to gather something in there. Students can also take a break between classes, and collapse into their beds for a few minutes. Even if they purchase a car, it will suck their money from their pockets with more expenses such as insurance, gas, oil change, maintenance in general, in addition to the time stolen in the parking line. As a result, they can enjoy sunny walkings and soaking the campus' view.

One other thing that is interesting about Lindenwood are the single rooms. Once the student pursues this kind of benefit, he or she embraces privacy when they need to be alone to study. Another good thing is even if they live in the dorms, they can also "install" themselves in friend’s house and “appropriate” from their facilities, such as cooking a nice meal on the stove, washing clothes in their washing and drying machines, and refreshing with their air conditioner.

Another positive thing about living in the dorms is the campus security and store's location. Students can rely on campus security because they are always circulating on the streets and monitoring students activities during the day and night. And because it is safe to perambulate on the streets, we can easilyencountermarkets, fast foods in general, laundries, stores and etc surrounding our campus area. The library also has quick access, it is near to most of the school's buildings and dorms.

That is why people keep living in the dorms. They sustain that every time they need, the dorms are the most convenient location to be placed in.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Rutendo and her Special way of Touching People

It was right in my first year of school, in my Oral Communication class, that I got to know special Rutendo Chikuku, a sophomore student from Zimbabwe. Rutendo affiliated to an organization which designed Lindenwood as her best option to receive a scholarship. She confesses her appreciation for the college because of the large number of international student’s body, and the opportunity to connect to different cultures.

During our presentations, she revealed a really outspoken and easygoing person. She can easily be distinguished by her enthusiasm and charisma. Chikuku is not only popular with students, but also with faculty and Lindenwood staff. Rutendo can be defined as a loved God’s creature and blessed Christian. Every time that I collide in Chikuku, between classes, she is always so positive, confident, sweet and holding a huge smile on the face. I never witnessed a bitter or angry mood from the Zimbabwean girl. Chikuku’s aim is to be a Biologist and her minor is in Chemistry. Regardless of having not that much in common, we always have something new to tell each other, and she is so interested about everyone’s condition.

I am really glad I had the opportunity to get to know Rutendo. She exhales happiness and a sense of positiveness.

The Slight Autumn’s Change

It is still summer season and we perceive the slight signs of fall. Regardless of the autumn’s actual opening be around September 22nd , we can detect that the unbearable humid temperatures are switching places to a fresh breathable air. If the thermometers keeps collapsing into the highest level, students might be induced to relay outside their rooms, and abolish assignments to a later time.

One of this slight perceptions illustrates a transition to a cooler wind. Leaves will turn the green environment into a rainbow of colors, such as yellow, orange, red and brown tones. Along with the nature vision, the climate interferes and controls the way we are going to behave. High temperatures make your body lazy and desire less commitment. Less clothes, cold water and liquids are giving place to sweaters, and scarves. The unanimous preference will also change to warmer drinks, such as coffees, sweet cappuccinos, teas and hot chocolates. The nights are becoming more harmonic, chilly and pleasant to enjoy friends company.

I am anxious to see all the changes. It is easier to adapt and endure in a country when you feel more comfortable to stay.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Hardest Task Ever

I am compiling four computer classes this semester which is kind of atypical for me. I was never an expert with this kind of technology; I prorogued theses courses as long as I could. When I established my schedule last spring; I anticipated that my life would be arduous.

Before classes initiated, I obtained teaching preparation at home, in order to adapt to the virtual world and follow the classes’ content. My throat dried just to have the idea of confronting that difficult machine. I clutched those classes with all my fingers and I overloaded the teacher with so many questions. I could almost perceive my brain ticking when I implemented the skills into the square screen. I transpired every time I could not perform the way I was supposed to.

By the end of the summer course and after enduring the first couple of weeks, I must resign to the computer activities. The one thing that once provided me with headaches now define an easier way to work.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Love at the First Sight

I always delineate myself living and studying in another country, in particular the United States. I wanted to experiment everything I identified on American movies and sitcoms, such as independence and self-care. When I first came into America and achieved my dream, I fell in love with Lindenwood campus.

The university implemented the structured I dreamed about. I adore the architecture; gigantic dorms designed and displayed in a standard way with rustic bricks, imitating a small-scaled village. An assortment of fresh trees which anticipated the following season, swinging gracefully with the wind and waving as they could say welcome to the new students. Squirrels were absconding from the new residents between vegetation, and chasing after their mouthwatering nuts. The dorm’s picturesque decoration and furniture, in addition to the pine smell from the recent cleanse portrayed a hospitality scenery.

All in all, I could not picture myself studying and living in another place. Now than I feel part of this cozy environment, I think I could switch countries real soon.

Friday, June 18, 2010

And the publications continue...

Good Morning,

I just realized I did not post my second story published in the school's newspaper. It was published by the end of last spring, and I loved doing it. I hope you enjoy to see my progress. Both stories seems almost impossible to read from here, you just have to click on it twice, and the image will pop up.

I will post more soon,

PS- Feel free to send me feedback.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Front Page Story!

Great News!

This is my first story published in my school's newspaper, on April 14th. I really feel proud of myself, and happy for this new step in my life. I say that because this story represents the beginning of a career "legacy". I am developing my skills and starting to see that I made the right choice when I left my country.

I will post my second story soon.