Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What Do They Love About Lindenwood?

One of the best things about Lindenwood is living on campus, specially in the dorms. The rooms are like cozy nests where students can feel safe and comfortable.
When analyzing the pros and cons of changing to a house, students might not persist on the idea for the following reasons: it might be difficult to walk when winter approaches, in addition to the cold wind hacking and drying faces,lips, also freezing muscles, ears and hands.

It is convenient for them to return to their room every time they are done with classes or need to gather something in there. Students can also take a break between classes, and collapse into their beds for a few minutes. Even if they purchase a car, it will suck their money from their pockets with more expenses such as insurance, gas, oil change, maintenance in general, in addition to the time stolen in the parking line. As a result, they can enjoy sunny walkings and soaking the campus' view.

One other thing that is interesting about Lindenwood are the single rooms. Once the student pursues this kind of benefit, he or she embraces privacy when they need to be alone to study. Another good thing is even if they live in the dorms, they can also "install" themselves in friend’s house and “appropriate” from their facilities, such as cooking a nice meal on the stove, washing clothes in their washing and drying machines, and refreshing with their air conditioner.

Another positive thing about living in the dorms is the campus security and store's location. Students can rely on campus security because they are always circulating on the streets and monitoring students activities during the day and night. And because it is safe to perambulate on the streets, we can easilyencountermarkets, fast foods in general, laundries, stores and etc surrounding our campus area. The library also has quick access, it is near to most of the school's buildings and dorms.

That is why people keep living in the dorms. They sustain that every time they need, the dorms are the most convenient location to be placed in.

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